Bob Lawrence for Woodbury City Council

Answering the Call to Service.

During my life, I have given back through my service in the Army Reserve, as a coach, football director, and vice-president for the Woodbury Athletic Association, and spent many years as a leader in the Boy Scouts through Saint Ambrose. Most recently, I served as the former president of the Grand Avenue Business Association.

When Grand Old Day was canceled in 2019, I knew that without direct action, that wonderful celebration of the community would never come back. I was called to become the Chairman, and my first order of business was un-canceling Grand Old Day and bringing together an incredible team of volunteers to put on this event.

Through my many leadership service roles, I have realized that it takes not only a passion for service but also a mind for planning to create lasting positive change. Because of this awareness, and the many skills I have developed both as a successful business owner and volunteer leader, I have decided that the best way for me to give back to my community now is to be a Woodbury City Council Member.

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Your Neighbor, Bob Lawrence

My life began in Somerset, Wisconsin, but at the age of four, I convinced my parents to move to the right side of the St. Croix. My home growing up was just up the road in Oakdale where I attended Castle Elementary, St. Peters, and Hill-Murray.

It was after my junior year that I felt the first true call to service. That summer I went to basic training for the Army Reserve. After my senior year, I completed my medic training at Ft. Sam Houston, putting me about a week late  starting my freshman year at Marquette University.

Just as I felt the call to service my junior year of high school, I felt a call to the open road my junior year of college. I took a year off of school and traveled this great nation with my roommate, Jim, on a couple of Harleys, where I realized the vastness of this country and the incredible diversity of cultures and beliefs.

My parents weren’t all too pleased about my journey, but I set things right by returning and completing my degree in psychology. After a few jobs, I found purpose through trade work and started  working as a plumbing apprentice and ultimately, earning my Master Plumber’s license. Once I earned my license, I became a partner in a commercial contracting company in Saint Paul for ten years, employing over 100 hard-working Minnesota residents.

It was during this time that I fell in love with the city of Woodbury and moved out here to raise  my family with my wife, Stacey, in 2005. Growing up in Woodbury has been a wonderful experience for our two children, Bobby and Bre.

I have since moved on from my mechanical contracting to starting another business in the insurance and financial industry. This December, I will celebrate five years as the owner of an insurance agency, where I have had the opportunity to help a tremendous number of my fellow neighbors.



Back the Blue. Our police officers and first responders are critical to the infrastructure of Woodbury. I will support these men and women that are willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.


Policy in Woodbury needs to be supportive of small businesses. Now more than ever because of recent events, we must focus on helping and promoting the people that create jobs in our community.


My time with WAA enforced how critical well run youth organizations are in Woodbury. Ensuring the prosperity of our programs, fields, and buildings is a passion of mine. Our  programs need to be accessible to all the youth that live or attend schools in Woodbury.



We believe sustainable change only happens when all voices in a community are heard. Your support is important to us, but what we want even more is your input on what is affecting you and your neighbors in our community. Follow our page on Facebook and join the conversation.

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1050 Autumn Bay, Woodbury, MN 55125.